Hello you!

Hello there and welcome to my blog.  You may well be familiar with the quote that inspires this title, but now I’ll let you in on why I am attempting to apply this to my life.  This principle motivated me to sign up for, and eventually run, a half marathon last fall.  Let’s just say I’m not exactly an athlete…or I wasn’t.  (I still haven’t figured out when it is okay to use that word.)  Great!  Good for me.  Yes, true, but then guess what happened…the idea rubbed off on someone I love.  He finished his first half marathon last month along with our family that travelled in to do the race with us.  My friend that was one of my inspirations also ran alongside us, or should I say, him.  I happily trailed the pack.

Now, let me take a moment to say this page is not about running.  If it were, this would be quick and easy (a link to an “athlete’s” page would do the trick).  Instead, this is about the awareness that I have about the ability to lead a life that matters to me, and to take responsibility for my influence.  It is about courage over fear.  It is about actions, not words.  Ironically.  Some days will be big and some days will be, you know, “I killed a spider.”  Turns out that growth is a sneaky little sucker.  It cannot often be found in the places you expect it to be lurking.  Let’s use the run as an example.  Running the race was not the thing that frightened me.  I had found a running plan that I trusted to guide me through training.  I had zero intention of being speedy.  I trusted that those two things would propel me across the finish line in the time allotted.  The courage was needed to sign up.  To commit.  TO COMMIT.  I mean, can’t I just think about it a little longer?  I am more of the creative type.  What if I am too busy?  Is this crazy?  What will people think…  

And then I paid the money and clicked the button.  It was done.

The feeling I had moments before was replaced by a sense of excitement and giddiness that adults often find in drops instead of buckets.  Mine was like…half a bucket.  People, I had to run…far.

In the coming days, I’ll probably tell you more about this story.  Let’s just say it has a happy ending (so far) and that I started running again yesterday.  Today, that doesn’t matter.  The thing that is scaring the athletic socks off of me…is pressing “Publish.”

Breathe, breathe…Press


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