Day 2 No Complaining or Try the Mushroom Tacos

Hey there!  This morning I was doing some reflecting on things.  I truly believe that what you put in is what you get out.  Life sometimes seems to look like this isn’t the case, but when you look back with a little perspective, you may realize that the plan was bigger than you thought.  You may plant a row of spinach seeds and not get spinach…but two years later a chocolate cake grows in that spot–or a potato chip tree.  It’s uncanny, and sometimes really frustrating in between.

Anyway, on to no complaining.  The thing about complaining is that it never helps.  Complaining and negativity only beget more complaining and negativity.  It makes the complainer and the poor, sad set of ears listening to the tale…well, sad.  It’s a buzz kill, however, it is not as easy as it looks to stop cold turkey.  What I’m saying here is, I failed.  I complained.  More than once.  I didn’t see it coming!  Words would come tumbling out and then I would find myself there, brows furrowed, wondering what just happened.

“That new toilet paper is not as soft as I had hoped,” I said, as if that would add something to our moment of time relaxing in the shade!

Half way through the day, I decided that if I felt a complaint coming, I needed to flip the coin over and get an eyeful of the other side.  “Yes, but…,” I told my psyche when my inner crank showed up, and my easily cajoled psyche welcomed the perspective.  Turns out my heart is better at looking at the long view than my words sometimes show.  Can you relate?

Well, in order to not fail on day two,  I tried the mushroom tacos at Tako.  (The fish tacos were the safe bet.)  They were goodness-gracious-burnt-brussels-sprouts-and-magic-sauce delicious.

Today my crank seeds grew two tacos, some chocolate cake, and a strong feeling that this might need just a bit more work.  If you count up the calories of tacos and chocolate cake, that is about how much more work I need.


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