Day 3 Naked Face

A new restaurant opened in our neighborhood, and since we both worked late, we went out to eat.  (You may start to notice a trend here…hence the need for exercise!)  I decided to check out the new place makeup free.  Guess what happened…

Nothing.  Nothing at all happened.  It was a yummy dinner just like any other night.

This is not an anti-makeup post.  Whatever makes a woman feel pretty (within reason) gets my vote…however, what if we choose to let our inner beauty shine through?  What if I am more focussed on wearing a smile, being a good conversationist, being an encourager, or whatever else may need to shine through instead of relying on “pretty”?

I spent 11 years in the beauty industry.  The women who sat in my chair were beautiful when they came in with funky roots, when they had color processing on their hair and talked to me about their lives and experiences, and when they left with a beautiful blow out.  All that changed was hair.

Tonight, all that changed was makeup.

What makes us beautiful–creative creatures full of kindness, wisdom, soul, and the ability to create another human?  A million things make us beautiful.

The makeup counter may make us pretty, but it turns out that we are beautiful with or without it.


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